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How Long Will This Divorce Take?

Getting divorced is stressful, even if you have accepted the reality that your marriage is ending.  A long, drawn-out divorce is expensive and time-consuming. It can keep you from moving on with your life as you try to close that chapter. On the other hand, you should...

Divorce: What About the House?

During a divorce, the house is the most common (and generally the largest) asset that the divorcing parties need to address. This is especially true if the home is owned by both parties. (both spouses/partners are listed as an owner on the home's deed/loan). As a...

Divorce and Money

One of the first things that couples considering divorce want to know is how much the process will cost. The answer depends on your level of conflict and the type of divorce process used. Choosing mediation or collaborative divorce can help to reduce conflict while...

Separating Property in Divorce

Lisa Murray, Bay Area family law attorney, talks about California community and separate property in divorce including stock options, RSUs, pension plans, the business, the home, debt and the wedding ring... Click here to watch video

What Are the Parental Rights of Unmarried Parents?

Unmarried parents can sometimes have legal complications when they decide to separate. Unlike their married counterparts, unwed fathers, for example, are not automatically presumed to be the biological parents of their children, even if they are listed on the birth...

Considering divorce? You have some choices.

Do I have to go to court? In my 30 years of being a divorce lawyer, no one has ever come to my office for a consultation and asked: "When can I go to court?" In fact, usually, clients ask "Do I have to go to court?" The answer to that question is...