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What Makes Divorce Complicated?

Divorce is a process marked by emotional turbulence that can be made more complicated by certain factors. These complexities often extend the duration and increase the expenses associated with divorce.

Factors that Complicate Divorce

  • One significant factor contributing to the complexity of divorce is the nature of the marital estate, particularly when it involves more complicated financial assets. Businesses, venture capital funds, employment equity assets such as RSUs and stock options, and executive compensation plans add layers of intricacy. The time-consuming task of gathering information about and allocating these financial assets can be daunting. Valuation can be a challenge, especially when dealing with interests in startup or privately held companies, where the actual worth remains uncertain until a future liquidity or other event occurs.

The lack of clarity regarding the value of such assets often hinders negotiations, leading to prolonged and more expensive divorce proceedings.  Ensuring that there is a clear plan for the post-divorce management of co-owned assets further complicates matters.

  • The second aspect that intensifies the complexity of divorce involves family dynamics. Special circumstances, such as having a child with special needs or dealing with health issues, require careful consideration and planning. Working through the divorce becomes more difficult as you and your spouse strive to meet your needs and the needs of your children.
  • The third dimension of complexity lies in the interpersonal relationship between you and your spouse. Communication challenges can significantly impede the divorce process, leading to misunderstandings and disagreements. Seeking professional assistance to address communication gaps becomes essential. This is where the Collaborative Divorce process can help.

The Collaborative Divorce process involves a team of professionals, including financial experts and mental health coaches, to guide you through all the complexities of your divorce. The neutral financial professional can delve into intricate financial matters, providing education and facilitating understanding by and between the two of you. Mental health coaches work with you to improve communication, offering new models for effective interaction. The Collaborative Divorce process is particularly well-suited for complex cases, offering a holistic approach to resolving the challenges associated with divorce.

Divorce is a complicated process, and various factors contribute to its complexity. By utilizing a Collaborative approach, you can significantly ease the process.  This leads to more efficient, cost-effective, and amicable resolutions as you undergo the difficult journey of divorce.

Lisa R. Murray is an experienced Collaborative Divorce attorney and Mediator.  She can help you to determine the goals for your divorce and post-divorce life.  She can be reached at 650-297-0367.