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Mediation Services in Burlingame, CA

A Court-Free Option Courtesy Of Our San Mateo Divorce Mediator

Divorce mediation allows you and your spouse to keep control of your situation by taking the outcome of your divorce or other family law dispute out of a judge’s hands. The judge was not part of your relationship, and the judge can never understand your situation as well as you do. Divorce mediation gives you the chance to spend time in an open dialogue to determine the best way to proceed. Finding a solution that fits your individual situation is the goal of the divorce mediation process.

For more than 25 years, Chase, Berenstein and Murray, Counselors at Law, have been helping clients resolve their difficult family law issues.

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Lisa R. Murray, California Divorce Mediator

In divorce mediation, the spouses meet together with a neutral mediator, whose role is to facilitate discussion and provide broad-based, unbiased legal advice. Mediation, similar to Collaborative Practice, is a confidential process. What is said during mediation cannot be presented to the judge should the matter have to be litigated in court. The mediator informs the couple about what the law can provide them, and pinpoints areas where it may be beneficial to consult with an expert, such as an accountant or mental health professional.

Although, generally, neither spouse can have an attorney present in the mediation meeting, it is often beneficial for each to have consulting counsel with whom they can meet before and after the mediation meeting. Their lawyers can help them strategize to figure out how to effectively reach a settlement agreement, and review the Marital Settlement Agreement and pleadings to make sure they correctly set forth the agreement and that the client fully understands the agreement.

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