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Paternity actions are an essential legal step for unmarried parents who decide to separate. Filing a paternity action allows parents to establish parentage, determine child custody and time-share agreements, and establish financial child support. An experienced lawyer can help take the stress and uncertainty out of this legal formality.

Chase, Berenstein and Murray, Counselors at Law is here to help. We represent mothers and fathers throughout San Francisco, the Peninsula, and South Bay who want to ensure their children’s well-being while also protecting their rights as parents. While your relationship with your partner may be ending, your relationship with your children endures, and we are here to help ensure your parental rights are secure.

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Understanding the Importance of Paternity in Establishing Parental Rights

Paternity petitions in California address three key issues:

  • Parentage: This refers to the formal legal recognition that courts give to individuals as parents of a child or children. While children born to parents who are married are presumed to be the children of those parents, it is important to formally establish parentage when parents are unmarried.
  • Child custody and time-share: Once parentage has been established, a court can then confirm agreements and make orders regarding child custody and visitation for the parents. Courts consider numerous criteria to determine parental custody, and we advocate on behalf of our clients whether they seek primary custody or ample visitation or timeshare rights.
  • Child support: Supporting your child is a legal requirement. Some parents hotly contest child support obligations. We work to ensure our clients’ children are provided for, while also working to protect our clients’ personal financial interests.

In addition to representing mothers and fathers in paternity cases, we also represent individuals who may be challenging whether or not a child is theirs.

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