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The Importance of Prenuptial Agreements

Couples eager to start planning a deferred wedding, as well as those who have been previously married can benefit from a productive discussion about their premarital assets. Prenuptial agreements ensure partners can be clear about their stock, investment, savings, and property protections.

It’s important to first understand the reasons why someone would reach out to a lawyer about a premarital agreement:

  • A family member suggested to them they should have one
  • A trust may require beneficiaries to have a premarital agreement for them to be eligible for an inheritance
  • One partner has significant assets they are bringing into the marriage

What Are the Benefits of Discussing a Prenup?

Premarital discussions are a good practice for couples to have about their marriage and about finances.

If children are in the couple’s plans, they need to decide if one partner will be the primary caregiver. There is a whole set of financial ramifications for the stay-at-home spouse, as this decision will affect their earning potential, savings, and resume.

Prenuptial Agreements Are about Marriage Planning, Not Divorce Planning

The process of a collaborative prenuptial agreement allows the couple to have a conflict-free conversation about finances without fighting. No one wants a twenty-five-page legal document that says, “here’s what you’re not going to get if this goes south.”

A productive conversation around prenuptial agreements actually strengthens a future marriage. It clarifies the couple’s collective goals, their feelings about spending and saving, their plans for future education or the kids’ college funds, and whether there are financial surprises lurking under the surface.

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