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How Your Emotions Can Make Your Divorce More Expensive

Divorce is an emotional process.  What many divorce clients do not realize is that the emotions related to the divorce, if left unchecked, can significantly increase the cost of the divorce process. Emotions are driven by the primitive part of our brain which turns off our ability to be logical. When emotions are allowed to take over, it is difficult to make decisions based on reason. Instead of reaching agreements amicably, you and your spouse can get embroiled in emotional turmoil and find yourselves unable or unwilling to listen to or compromise with one another, leading to prolonged and expensive legal battles.

Involving a judge to make decisions for you adds both time and expenses to the divorce process. The court system operates at a slow pace, with considerable delays between requesting a court date and actually appearing before a judge. During this waiting period, you remain stuck in limbo without a resolution, which can mean you are unable to move forward with your lives or find closure on important issues.

Heightened emotions can also drive you or your spouse to pursue unrealistic or unreasonable demands, escalating the conflict and prolonging the legal proceedings. Every court appearance translates to significant financial expenditure, draining resources that could otherwise be allocated to building a new life post-divorce and your children.

The Collaborative Divorce process offers a supportive environment that helps you and your spouse manage your emotions. Through the assistance of a professional team, including mental health communication coaches, you can gain the emotional support needed to help you have effective communication and make thoughtful decisions.

Collaborative Divorce provides a structured approach to navigating the complexities of divorce while keeping emotions in check. By slowing down the whirlwind of emotions, you can clarify your priorities, communicate effectively, and work towards mutually beneficial resolutions.

Ultimately, divorce is not just about dividing assets; it is about restructuring and rebuilding your lives. By approaching the process with a calm and logical mindset, you can emerge from divorce with more assets at your disposal and a greater sense of satisfaction with the outcome. Collaborative Divorce is about focusing on collective goals, finding common ground, and crafting solutions that pave the way for a smoother transition into the next chapter of life.

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