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Chase, Berenstein and Murray, Counselors at Law, is a law firm with offices in Burlingame, California, representing clients in San Francisco, the Peninsula and South Bay with divorce and other family law matters.

I am attorney Lisa R. Murray, and I have more than 25 years of distinguished experience in the field of divorce and family law. I recognize that family conflicts are often emotionally as well as legally complex. Therefore, I tailor my representation to address not only my clients' most pressing legal concerns, but also important family relationships that my clients may want or need to preserve in the months and years that follow a divorce or separation.

Personalized Approaches To Resolving Your Family Law Matter

While many divorces entail disagreement over several core issues — child custody, property division and spousal support, to name a few — there are many ways to resolve disagreements based on the willingness of the parties to work together in a spirit of compromise.

Many clients initially assume that litigation is the only way to settle a divorce or other family law dispute. Indeed, in some cases, this is the best way to help a client achieve his or her goals, especially when the other spouse is unwilling to cooperate. In many more cases, however, I can help my clients successfully protect their parental and property interests using mediation or collaborative practice . These forms of alternative dispute resolution often allow clients to not only resolve legal matters more quickly and at less expense than traditional litigation, but also divide property and create child custody timeshare plans in ways that are better suited to all parties. Especially when children are involved, this flexibility can be a tremendous advantage.

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